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Gear Fit 2 Pro has been designed from the get-go to compete with other fitness trackers in the market currently. Gone is the horrid lock mechanism which has been replaced with a proper buckle clasp. The 1.5-inch AMOLED touch display comes with Gorilla Glass 3 and features a new Water Lock mode, protecting it when immersed in water. It prevents the water bubbles from interacting or activating the screen while still diligently tracking swimming patterns. Heart rate monitoring, by default measures the heart rate by the second, once every ten minutes. Fitness tracking can be set to add auto pause between workouts. There are two buttons on the side; one to wake the wearable and go straight to the menu, whereas the other to navigate ‘back’. Putting it to sleep just requires placing a hand on the screen.
T3 Says: It might seem like an incremental upgrade but certain changes warrant a look.


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The Gear Sport isn’t the S3 replacement you’re looking for, they’re rather meant to coexist. The Gear Sport lacks any mobile connectivity, it’s instead lighter, thinner and waterproof (upto 50m). Samsung warns against using it for high velocity sports and submersion below shallow depths. However, MIL-STD810G certification ensures that it can withstand drops and shocks. They have teamed up with Speedo and Under Armour to make the most of it. Surrounded by a rotating bezel UI, the 1.2-inch circular Super AMOLED display takes a page from the Galaxy phones by featuring a full colour, always on display. It is also compatible with any 20mm watch band and can be colour coordinated with your outfits without dropping a lot of cash on buying the official straps. Internally, it has 4GB storage enough for saving upto 500 songs and a 300mAh battery which provides enough juice to last for over 4 days on moderate usage.

 It can also be used to stream videos on Samsung televisions and remotely control a Gear VR headset


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