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$499 (`32,000),

Do you fancy exploring Machu Picchu tonight? Or shall we transform your living room into a battleground to fend off a robot invasion? You can do both with the HMD Odyssey, a headmounted display running Windows 10 through an exciting virtual environment… Samsung’s new Mixed Reality headset is designed to blend the real world with the expanding digital plains, building upon the advances of Microsoft HoloLens. The newly launched HMD Odyssey joins a growing family of Windows MR headsets including the Dell Visor. One of the main draws is that Samsung’s headset offers movement tracking without the need for external sensors. Instead, built-in cameras and sensors track the matching motion controllers. The HMD Odyssey is the most expensive Windows MR headset, but it offers large dual AMOLED displays at 3.5 inches, and a high resolution of 1440x1600. At 110 degrees, the field of view is also wider than competitors, fixing a criticism of the HoloLens. Couple that with built-in AKG headphones for 360-degree sound and the HMD Odyssey quickly shapes up to be an intriguing prospect for digital explorers. Before you rush to order, Samsung has yet to reveal plans to bring the HMD Odyssey to the India. So for now, Indian customers will need to import it.
Unsure whether your PC will work with the HMD Odyssey or other Windows MR headsets? Download the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app from the Windows Store

LAND OF MAKE-BELIEVE Formerly known as Windows Holographic, Windows Mixed Reality is a Microsoft platform that supports apps in which real-world elements mix seamlessly with virtual elements (holograms) to create an exciting, interactive shared world

TALKING BACK The HMD Odyssey is the only mixed reality headset to boast an integrated mic array for conversation during online games. Because it’s built directly into the headset, you can jabber and listen with greater clarity


The HMD Odyssey uses inside-out tracking with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) motion-control accuracy. The comfort-fit headset also adjusts to your facial contours during gameplay, with a wheel on hand for aligning the display according to your pupil distance



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